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What's New

What's New in Advanced Registry Doctor

changes in v7.x

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changes in v6.0 Build 09.12

- General change
+ added Quick Scan (quickly test your system for problems)
+ added Real-times tutorials
+ added compatible with Panda Antivirus Titanium
+ added compatible with Zone Labs
+ added compatible with latest antispyware tools

+/- updated API ScanActiveX (new algoritm)
+/- updated API FindInvalidShortcuts (new algoritm)
+/- updated API DrawTree (speedup about 5-15%)
+/- updated limitations in DEMo Mode
+/- updated Languages files
+/- updated Documentations
+/- updated System Backup
+/- updated Registry Defragmentation
+/- updated Registry Backup
+/- updated Registry Defragmentation Scheduler

- fixed critical bugs on API HasRegisteredIcon
- fixed critical bugs on API ScanFileExtensions
- fixed critical bugs on API RepairInvalidShortcuts
- fixed critical bugs on API RepairAllInvalidShortcuts (Auto mode)
- fixed bugs on API Text2Html
- fixed bugs in "Startup Wizard" (Save settings)
- fixed bugs connected with NetHood and etc
- fixed bugs connected with "Error: access denied ..."
- fixed bugs connected with "Failed to set data ..."
- fixed bugs connected with "Invalid data type ..."
- fixed minor bugs with compatibility
- fixed small bugs in Visual Report
- fixed small bugs with Font Size
- fixed minor bugs on Windows Me and Windows XP Pro(Sp2)
- fixed small bugs in Trial Version
- fixed minor bugs

- Setup wizard
+/- updated languages

- fixed minor bugs

Update from Advanced Registry Doctor Lite/Pro 5.x to 6.x is FREE.

In order to be able to upgrade from the previous version (<5.x) of Advanced Registry Doctor Lite/Pro to version 6.x the user has to contact author by email in order to receive the upgrade link. Then user can pay for the upgrade by following that link. Old registration keys will not work for this version.

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