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Our team offers you services in the following areas:

Custom Software Development

We can design for you any custom-built software, just email us a description about the project you wanne be programmed. We will estimate its complexity level and set our price. The price can be either per hour or for the whole project (usually it depends on the project itself). Our team will complete your order in the shortest time yet providing high quality assured by our proffesionals.

Consulting Service

The consulting services offered by our team have a wide range of application. We provide consultations in developing end-user software, web sites, etc. We also provide you with the unique possibility to check protection level of your software for free. This service became available because of the the rapidly increased number of applications inevitably getting cracked each day. On your request our professional will perform reverse engineering of your program and send you a report (this requires agreement from your side in order to allow performance of reverse engineering as far as usually it's against EULA). After research is done(this is free) you'll recieve a report estimating protection level of your application. Then if you decide to improve protection of your software simply contact us and we'll discuss the price.

Contact us

Feedback System

If you have any questions or suggestions related to Elcor Software products, you have several ways to get in touch with us. We are always ready to solve your problems at the earliest. You can either drop us a line to support@elcor.net or use our online feedback system and post your comments directly from this page:

E-mail: info@elcor.net

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